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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about us and MyCrewGuide:


Who is eligible to register for MyCrewGuide?

Currently, only mainline Delta employees are eligible to use MyCrewGuide. We do not have the contract hotels for any other airlines. This might come in the near future. If you are with another airline and would like to talk to us about adding your airline to MyCrewGuide, please e-mail me at .

When I register, am I activated immediately?

No. Activation is not automatic nor is it immediate. After you submit your registration form, it comes to me via e-mail. I then have to verify that the person registering does in fact work for Delta. I try to do this at least once a day, usually in the evening. Occasionally I might have a long day of flying (who does that?) or a layover where we don't have internet, and therefore, it could take a couple of days to verify some new members, but this is rare.

I registered, but I never received an e-mail back. What now?

It is somewhat common for people to fill out the registration form with the wrong e-mail address making it impossible for us to send back a confirmation e-mail. Often times our confirmation e-mail gets blocked by your spam filters. If you suspect this might be a problem, please add to your approved list of senders. In a few rare cases and for reasons unknown to us, our e-mails go undelivered to otherwise correct Delta e-mail addresses. In any case, if within 24 hours, you do not get a confirmation e-mail from us, check to see if your account has been activated. If it has not been activated, please e-mail me at .

How do I change my e-mail address, password, and other account information?

It is currently not possible for the user to change their own e-mail address via the site. If you want to change your e-mail address, just e-mail me at and I'll take care of it for you. You can, however, change your password, name, and nickname via the site. To change any of this, click on the “Login Page” link and then click on the “Profile” link.

I am having troubles logging on to the Mobile site (http://m.mycrewguide.com) from my iPhone.

iOS5 broke a lot of apps and sites including ours. This, however, is an easy fix. All you need to do is go to "settings", "safari", and under the "privacy settings", "allow cookies". You can select either "from visited" or "always". iOS5, in most cases, defaulted this back to "never". If this doesn't fix your login problems, please e-mail me at and I'll look more specifically into your issue.

Is a nickname required to use the site?

A nickname is not required for general access to the site. It is only required if you want to post to any of the layover forums or write reviews for the restaurants and activities.

How are layover tips and suggestions posted to the site?

When you send in layover tips and suggestions, they come to me via an e-mail. I personally moderate each and every suggestion, fix any spelling and punctuation errors, and manually post them to the site. I try to do this daily, but sometimes it can take a couple of days, so please be patient.

Do you only want positive feedback?

No. We want it all. If you stay somewhere that for whatever reason is subpar, please let us know about that too. We want the good, the bad, and the ugly. But please try to keep it as factual and relevant as possible. "The manager was rude" or "The room was dirty" are factual statement and we will gladly post these. "The manager is ugly" or "This hotel sucks" are more opinion related and we will probably not post these. If the hotel sucks, please tell us why it sucks and we'll post that. If the manager is ugly, well, then don't ask them out.

Why www.mycrewguide.com?

Because www.crewguide.com was taken and the guy wanted $10,000 for it.

Is MyCrewGuide on Facebook?

Of course. http://www.facebook.com/mycrewguide

Is there a MyCrewGuide App for the iPhone or Android?

Not yet, but we are looking into one. It is just a matter of time. If you hear some refer to a MyCrewGuide app, they are referring to our mobile site which is a web based site designed for the mobile platform such as the iPhone and Android. If you go to www.mycrewguide.com from your iPhone or Android, it will see that you're using an iPhone or Android and will automatically redirect you to our mobile site. The direct link to our mobile site is http://m.mycrewguide.com. This site works well with most smart phones.

How do I add the MyCrewGuide icon to my iPhone homescreen?

To add a website to your Home screen, visit the page in Safari and tap the Go To icon at the bottom of the Safari window. Tap Add to Home Screen.

How did MyCrewGuide get started?

As a new hire, I began looking for any layover information that might be out there. I wanted to know about the places where I'd be spending much of my life. For example, do our hotels offer free internet? Are there microwaves and refrigerators available? Are the fitness centers descent? Are there malls or shops nearby? Where are the local attractions and entertainment? And of course, which restaurants and bars are the best? We all hold the pieces to this puzzle, and when brought together, our layovers become very enjoyable. So I created a platform for all of us to contribute and share this information. I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

How does MyCrewGuide work?

MyCrewGuide relies entirely upon you and your real-world tips and experience to keep us updated with current layover information. And here's how you do that: From the MyCrewGuide home page, simply select your layover city from the dropdown box. This will open a page with local airport and city information, as well as our current and inactive hotels for that city. Select any one of the hotels for that hotels' layover information. Some hotels may not have much information. This is usually the case when we get new hotels, which has been happening a lot lately. This is where you come in. At the bottom of each hotel page is a clickable box that will open up an empty template for the selected hotel. You can fill out any of the fields and then click “Send” when you are finished. We recommend including your e-mail address when you send in layover information incase we have questions or need clarification about the information you sent in.

Are my suggestions screened?

Yes. One thing is for sure and that is crew members in general can't spell, don't use punctuation, and hate using the word "the". So we do go through and make the necessary gramatical corrections. We also have to edit for continuity purposes as many tips come in relating to the same subject. Having said that, I am a crew member myself and am also terrible at spelling/grammar, so I apologize if there are errors that slipped by. When it comes to the layover information, MyCrewGuide will never interject an opinion. Therefore, if there is a comment that references personal pronouns such as I, Me, We, Us, etc, it is always the first person account of the crew member that submitted that information and never the account of MyCrewGuide or its staff.

Who is this guy that runs MyCrewGuide and has all of our hotel information?

Rumor has it that the MyCrewGuide guy is a Delta pilot. Well, I am in fact a Delta pilot. I was hired in 2008 on the MD88 and am currently on the 737 in SLC.

What is the best way to contact MyCrewGuide?

You can e-mail me directly at or call me at (801) 201-8595. There is nothing more annoying than companies that don't respond to its customers. I will always try to respond to your e-mails, inquiries, and phone calls.



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