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Who are we?
MyCrewGuide officially began in July of 2009. I am a NYC based First Officer on the 7ERB with Delta Airlines. My webmasters background is in Computers and Marketing. MyCrewGuide was started and is currently owned and run by the two of us.

Why mycrewguide.com?
Because crewguide.com was taken and they wanted $10,000 for it.

Why did we start MyCrewGuide?
As a new hire, I began looking for any layover information that might be out there. I wanted to know about the places where I'd be spending much of my life. For example, do our hotels offer free internet? Are there microwaves and refrigerators available? Are the fitness centers descent? Are there malls or shops nearby? Where are the local attractions and entertainment? And of course, which restaurants and bars are the best? We all hold the pieces to this puzzle, and when brought together, our layovers become very enjoyable. So I created a platform for all of us to contribute and share this information. I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

How does MyCrewGuide work?
MyCrewGuide relies entirely upon you and your real-world tips and experience to keep us updated with current layover information. And here's how you do that: From the MyCrewGuide home page, simply select your layover city from the dropdown box. This will open a page with local airport and city information, as well as our current and inactive hotels for that city. Select any one of the hotels for that hotels' layover information. Some hotels may not have much information. This is usually the case when we get new hotels, which has been happening a lot lately. This is where you come in. At the bottom of each hotel page is a clickable box that will open up an empty template for the selected hotel. You can fill out any of the fields and then click �Send� when you are finished. We recommend including your e-mail address when you send in layover information incase we have questions or need clarification about the information you sent in. We will post everything you send in, positive and negative. So, is this information posted instantly? No. All information you send in comes to me via an e-mail. I moderate it, fix any spelling and punctuation errors, and usually get it posted by the end of each day. But sometimes it can take a couple of days, so please be patient.

Thank you for making MyCrewGuide a success!


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