Layovers are all password protected - All of our layover locations are protected by password. Please go to the full site on a computer to register. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Navigate by airport code - You can skip the long drop down box by entering in the three character airport code into the text box and clicking "Go". If you enter in a correct airport code and it is covered by the MyCrewGuide system, you will then go straight to that page. If not you will receive an error message.

Add MyCrewGuide to Home Screen - To add MyCrewGuide as an icon on the home screen of your iPhone, click the + symbol at the bottom of your Safari page and select "Add to Home Screen". Then a MyCrewGuide logo will appear on the home page of your iPhone.

Phone Numbers - They are clickable. Once clicked, your phone will then automatically dial that number.

Restaurants - If a restaurant is underlined click on it to launch "Maps" on your iPhone and it will show you directions to that restaurant from your hotel.

Hotel Updates - It is now possible to send in updates directly from your iPhone. Just click on the "Send Layover Update" link on the iPhone home page.