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Business Name: Smokey and Giraffe's Sweet Treats
Webpage: http://www.smokeyandgiraffe.com
Description: Bring Smokey and Giraffe's Sweet Treats for your next layover!

Smokey and Giraffe uses the freshest fruits and vegetables to create their unique and scrumptious treats. Those mouth-watering goodies include a variety of pies, Hawaiian breads, and cakes. Smokey and Giraffe also offer an ethnic flare to the traditional Mondel Bread and Butter Mochi that will undoubtedly tempt your taste buds.

Airline employees receive a 10% discount on all online purchases. Use coupon code TVL at checkout to receive the price savings.

Visit us today!

www.smokeyandgiraffe.com (808) 561-5697
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